Placing Bets

The stock market, in the most broadest sense, is like gambling. When purchasing (or short selling) a stock or equity you are placing a “bet” on it in hopes that it makes a return for you when you liquidate it into cash. Even when purchasing a stock for its dividends is a gamble, although it may be a conservative bet there are still “odds” accompanying the investment.

As you can see gambling terms and investing/trading terms can be interchangeable. So, terminology can be used interchangeably whether you are playing a casino-type table game, buying and selling equities, investing in real estate, collectables, etc.

All of life is a gamble if you really think about it. To make any type of gain in life whether it’s wealth or personal gain, you must put something at risk. It’s the law of the universe. You cannot “gain” something without ever putting something at risk. Whether it’d be money, time, emotion, reputation,…something, you need to make some sort of commitment in order to possibly gain something out of it.

In essence, you are placing a “bet” on me by spending your time reading this blog in hopes that you will learn something that is of value to you. You may learn something great (likely), or you may not learn anything at all. You’re risking your time for knowledge.

When placing “bets” in the stock market the key to making money is to limit and/or control your risk. Many people know this but still only a few people make money trading or investing in the markets. To make money trading or investing in the markets, you need to systematize the limiting and controlling your risks.

That is what we learned and strove to do in our journey to creating our wealth in trading in the stock markets, which we did.

Continue on risking your time with us as we will delve deeper into the keys of how we gained our wealth.

Knowledge…it’s the new money. And you’ll get some value here.


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