You Can’t Win By Speculating

Speculating in the stock markets will likely not lead your to success in the stock markets. In fact speculating in anything will likely not bring you success. It’s almost synonymous with gambling. That’s why I say in order to be successful, build systems.

The main driving force behind speculating is emotion. And when your emotion takes the wheel when making decisions, it often times ends you up in a ditch. It’s because emotional decisions are often times irrational. That’s why the whole greed and fear aspect of the stock market holds true. You can basically conclude that the stock market fluctuations are people’s emotional data of what they feeling in any given market, equity, commodity, etc.

In my opinion, it is rare that any publicly traded company, commodity, etc., really is valued at it’s fundamental value. It’s what people perceive the values to be and how they are feeling towards that certain company, commodity, equity, real estate market, and so on. With that said, it’s no wonder why most people lose money trading and investing in the markets.

The only guarantee when speculating in the stock markets is losing money. So, what would make sense is to take the emotion out of trading the markets right? Or you could just use the contrarian model and go against what everyone else is doing/feeling in the stock markets since majority of the people lose money trading in it. Well if you agree, the next thing is how?

That was our exact thinking when developing our money making strategy. We’ve given a few clues on here, come back often to learn more on the hows and whys of what we did to be so successful.

Team Aon

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