Aon Traders September 4, 2015 Trading Positions

It’s been, still, a busy week in the markets. But we haven’t been. I’ve just been busy in my other ventures of business that I’m beginning.

Yes, we are traders, but we do not spend our time in front of the computer screen inputting trades any more. How? As I mentioned on my previous post, systems. We use trading systems that derive from trading models and philosophies that we had on the stock market. It’s what turned a Hawaii mobile mechanic that I had work on my car into a multi millionaire…we’ll get more deeper into details later.

To the point, we are still bearish in the markets and it’s looking like our position is holding steady.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!

We’ll talk more strategy in upcoming posts.


We are in no way providing financial advice nor implying you to execute any trades to be made in the markets. We just don’t do that here. We are here to just educate.

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