To Be Successful, Build Systems

What do the super rich and successful business people, entrepreneurs, and investors do that makes them so? It’s not just invest. Nor just hire smart people to do the jobs. It’s something that is not widely taught or advised on by mainstream business education. Yet all the uber-successful utilize it.

The super successful build systems. If you research and study the successful people in their area of success whether it’s in business, investing, sports, etc., they have built and implemented some sort of system in their venture(s).

Businesses implement operational systems, winning sports teams have structured training regimens, the United States Of America have the capitalism system, and successful investors have their number equations to calculate their risk versus reward computations before committing to any investment.

Some notable successful people who utilized systems:

  • Ray Kroc – Business. Systemized McDonald’s Restaurants.
  • Warren Buffet – Investor. Used a systemized investing process.
  • Tony Dungy – Football Coach. Used a training regimen system to change player’s habits.
  • Richard Dennis – Equity Trader. Used trading systems to successfully trade in the markets…

All of these successful people implemented some sort of system to become successful at their craft and/or ventures.

And of course, to mention, we at Team Aon acquired our success by creating and using trading systems to trade the stock market.


One big advantage of using systems is it is unbiased and takes away the irrational emotions when decisions have to be made.

When a system is carefully planned, implemented, executed, and enforced, many of the guesswork is eliminated and you’ll even be able to forecast results.

Let that sink in a little.

For us, creating and using systems for trading the markets was night and day in our success compared to trading manually.

But it wasn’t an easy journey trying to create our successful trading systems.

Come back to Team Aon to learn more!

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