Aon Traders August 26, 2015 Positioning

Whew! It has been a busy week for us trading the markets. With the DOW closing at a 600+ point gain today. Pretty exciting for most people. Or shall I say, not exciting for most people since majority lose money trading the stock markets.

With a huge gain in the markets today, August 26, 2015, the market’s bias is bullish. Yes, majority of the people are bullish after seeing the huge gains this morning.

As we’ve briefly mentioned, our trading strategy is comprised of a contrarian model. So, you guessed it, we are in a bearish position right now. In fact, we’ve been bearish a week ago. I’ll get into more detail as you follow along on this blog. But yes, we’ve moved to a bearish position last week, which saved us over $20k and still are holding our position.

After such a gain today, most people are flipping back to bullish. Psychologically, it’s natural for people to follow the herd. But we don’t follow the majority. Majority of the people lose money.

For us, having a very disciplined strategy is one key that has brought us success.

That’s our 1st update on this blog. Come back often to delve more into of what has comprised our trading successes.

Team Aon

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