A Brief History On Aon

We were a regular group of guys (still are) that came from the working class and self employed.

I, Michael, worked in restaurants for 12 years until I managed to do what I love to do full-time. I worked my tail off making my way up the kitchen ranks. I was a general manager of an independent restaurant/catering company when I left. So, no one can tell me that I didn’t work for where I am at now, nor tell me it’s impossible to reach financial freedom status from the working class ranks.

I started trading while I worked my 8, 10, 15 hour shifts. The hours I spent trading and managing my account made up of upwards to 18 hour days with my work hours. It’s because I live in Hawaii and when the markets open it’s 4 a.m. here (5 a.m. with daylight savings). So, in the beginning of my trading career I spent time getting up to place my orders and what not. You know how it is being a beginner trader, the adrenaline, excitement, and you want to micromanage ever trade and watch the ticker symbols move. It’s a good thing that our strategy developed later was a semi-automatic strategy. More on that later.

My partner in founding our little team is Danny. Danny was self employed running his tow service business that he inherited from his father. In fact he still has his business, but he just owns vested interest in it while his partner takes care of the operation.

Danny is the very analytical type which is ironic because I’m kind of the opposite from him. I’m more of the “feeling” type. So we balance each other out. But we were both thinkers. If you want to know our personality types, we were both introverts. So we were always in our own heads.

We were already trading the markets before we got together. So, we both understood the basics and knew the so-called “fundamentals” at that time. We’ve studied, read up on trading strategies, followed blogs, signed up for the so-called “investment guru” newsletters to educate ourselves. We’ve study on people from Buffet to Kramer, to the unknowns (like who we are now) just to find out how to actually make money trading the markets. Yes, actually¬†make money. So that entails that we weren’t making money in the begging of our trading endeavors.

Looking back, we understand why we didn’t make money when we individually were trading. The reason is pretty fundamental. It doesn’t have to do with us teaming up. It literally goes down to the mindset of the trader. And that’s what we want to delve in first as we kick off this blog.

So visit us often as we venture back and share our journey to success and perhaps it will open up your eyes and spark your success!


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