Systems Theory

To Be Successful, Build Systems

What do the super rich and successful business people, entrepreneurs, and investors do that makes them so? It’s not just invest. Nor just hire smart people to do the jobs. It’s something that is not widely taught or advised on by mainstream business education. Yet all the uber-successful utilize it.

The super successful build systems. If you research and study the successful people in their area of success whether it’s in business, investing, sports, etc., they have built and implemented some sort of system in their venture(s).

Businesses implement operational systems, winning sports teams have structured training regimens, the United States Of America have the capitalism system, and successful investors have their number equations to calculate their risk versus reward computations before committing to any investment.

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Aon Trading

Aon Traders August 26, 2015 Positioning

Whew! It has been a busy week for us trading the markets. With the DOW closing at a 600+ point gain today. Pretty exciting for most people. Or shall I say, not exciting for most people since majority lose money trading the stock markets.

With a huge gain in the markets today, August 26, 2015, the market’s bias is bullish. Yes, majority of the people are bullish after seeing the huge gains this morning.

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Wake Up

95% Of People Lose Money In The Stock Market

Yes it’s true. I guess trading the stock market is not exempt from Pareto’s Principle. The 80/20 principle as it is known, or theĀ “law of the vital few”. The few that makes up of majority of the results.

In the movie/documentary, “The Secret”, Bob Proctor paraphrased, “1% of the population holds or controls 80% of the world’s wealth”.

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The Old Pit

A Brief History On Aon

We were a regular group of guys (still are) that came from the working class and self employed.

I, Michael, worked in restaurants for 12 years until I managed to do what I love to do full-time. I worked my tail off making my way up the kitchen ranks. I was a general manager of an independent restaurant/catering company when I left. So, no one can tell me that I didn’t work for where I am at now, nor tell me it’s impossible to reach financial freedom status from the working class ranks.

I started trading while I worked my 8, 10, 15 hour shifts. The hours I spent trading and managing my account made up of upwards to 18 hour days with my work hours. It’s because I live in Hawaii and when the markets open it’s 4 a.m. here (5 a.m. with daylight savings). So, in the beginning of my trading career I spent time getting up to place my orders and what not. You know how it is being a beginner trader, the adrenaline, excitement, and you want to micromanage ever trade and watch the ticker symbols move. It’s a good thing that our strategy developed later was a semi-automatic strategy. More on that later.

My partner in founding our little team is Danny. Danny was self employed running his tow service business that he inherited from his father. In fact he still has his business, but he just owns vested interest in it while his partner takes care of the operation.

Danny is the very analytical type which is ironic because I’m kind of the opposite from him. I’m more of the “feeling” type. So we balance each other out. But we were both thinkers. If you want to know our personality types, we were both introverts. So we were always in our own heads.

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Welcome to Team Aon!

The very 1st post of many to come!

Here will be our little spot on the web to share our team, Team Aon’s successes, philosophies of trading the stock market, trading strategies, ideas, and progressions.

This blog is not going to be just any other “talking head trading expert” talking about the markets and such. Nor this will be a website that provides stock picks or financial advice (we will never give financial advice nor stock picks – see Terms Of Use). But we will be going over the fundamentals that has made us successful traders in the stock markets.

Our fundamentals aren’t like the majority’s fundamentals. And that right there is one key to successful trading – don’t do what everyone else is doing…

Come back here for an exciting journey through the minds of Team Aon.